Delta Halo

Scorpion Flipping

This one from Oliver Stuart :

After you clear the platform with all the shields so all the humans can land (i've only tried in a scorpion), you can shoot the shields and park the scorpion on top of them. When they come back while the scorpion is on top of them, you start driving and it will catapult you around that part of the level. It doesn't help much, but it's fun to do.

Impressions: Delta Halo

After the Metroplis closing cutscene, most fans were getting set to break out the pitchforks and the torches to protest that Halo 2 was denying them what they had expected to get-- a long, drawn-out, large-scale invasion of Earth to battle against. That's a shame, because the next two levels, Delta Halo and Regret, are where Halo 2 really starts to shine, although there still are a number of differences from the first game that may eventually prompt fans to fire up the prequel.

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