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Behind The Scenes At Bungie

These days it seems like everyone at Bungie is giving interviews. Of course that's not really the case; Bungie is just much larger than it was back in the days when you could attend a MacWorld show and meet practically the whole company.

One thing that hasn't changed too much is the man behind it all-- Jason Jones. He rarely, if ever, gives interviews. From MacWorld of 1999 to the release of Halo 2 and a short sequence on the Limited Edition DVD, you could go years without hearing a word from him in the press.

That doesn't stop The Telegraph from trying to get some insights on Bungie, Halo, and Jones, even if some of the revelations are secondhand:

Joe Staten, Halo's smart and sarcastic writing director, says, 'Working with Jones is fun, but he is also very challenging. I once said to him, "Let's talk about the story for Halo 2. What do you think the story for Halo 2 is?" And he says, "I know what the story is. At some point the Master Chief says, only blood will pay for this. He meets this thing called the Gravemind and it says, I am a monument to all your sins."

The telegraph's three page article is well worth a read, even for those who know their Bungie lore quite well.

Thanks Louis Wu at HBO for the heads-up.