News Summary For September 17

Russ Pitts at the escapist has never preordered a game-- until Halo 3, that is. reports that Microsoft is expecting to sell out of the Legendary edition of Halo 3, in the US at least.

According to CVG, the Legendary edition has already sold out in the UK.

Frank Caron from Ars Technica had a chance to play through the game and will have a thorough writeup after the 23rd when the embargo ends.

Char Easter was invited to play Halo 3 at Bungie and wrote up his experience.

GamerMetrics says Halo 3's launch means fewer sales of other titles. Fancy that.

Bungie says that a blue filter will be very helpful for those keen to get the most out of the Audio/Video calibration tool they're providing with the Legendary Edition. They'll be available in the Bungie store soon.