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The Way They Wished Stuff Worked

Robert Valdes has written a Halo 3 Wish List for the Games section of Stuffo, a part of the HowStuffWorks website. A lot of the wishes are standard: XBL Cooperative play, bots, the flamethrower; and many of them are illustrated with modified versions of Bungie's own screenshots. Thanks Frankie.



Hey narcogen, I read on the same page your thread appeared that Halo 3 is going to come out, possibly this November, for the new Xbox - the Xenon. Have you heard, will this be the only consule for which the new game will be available? Will we not be able to play it on the original Xbox? Thanks. Jeff

Unfortunately, all of your questions are good questions, but cannot yet be answered. Halo is unannounced, so it is impossible to say when it will be released. Anything you see about a Halo 3 release is, in essence, an unsubstantiated rumor. Personally, I doubt we would see such a thing this year, given how long Halo and Halo 2 took to develop. Second, the Xenon itself is also not yet officially announced. Most are betting on a holiday release this year, but I don't think we'll know anything about it officially until E3 of this year. Lastly, the issue of backwards compatibility. This has also been the subject of many rumors. Unfortunately, at the moment, only Microsoft knows if the next iteration of the Xbox will play original Xbox games or not; and right now, they aren't saying anything. ---- Rampant for over five years.

when your out of ammo or just don't want to shoot and stuck near no guns you should be able to drop your weapon and fist fight. Like b would be a straight punch. x could be a power hook and the right trigger could let you through a person into a wall or explosive barrles. A normal throw could an affect to the health as well.