Battleground Halo: Ramming Speed

The past few days have seen installments three and four of Rams Report over at Battleground: Halo. There was a considerable gap between issue 2 and issue 3, as the first two came out before PC Halo was even released, and the last two came out only recently. Issue 3 covered the Halo CE rumor and a plea for a Real Mod; Issue 4, the latest, talks about the departure of Dave "Alpha Male" (or is it alpha male now) Mertz from Gearbox, the near-but-not-quite-simultaneity of the PC and Mac Halo releases, the profligation of Halo comics, and a few other items.

Since Rams was nice enough to bring up some of these subjects before we did (hey, we're lazy, too, try us) it seemed appropriate just to comment on some of them. Not the least of these is the effort required to continue to run an oft-updated gaming site, especially in the face of stiff competition and amid the myriad demands of Real Life.

This rather long-winded piece, which I'm probably going to have to break up into a few installments in a new feature I'll call Narc's Retorts, is called:

Is There A Halo Community?