Destiny ViDoc - Pathways Out of Darkness 0275

Bungie cofounder Jason Jones is said to be more personally involved in the development of Destiny than any Bungie game since Halo 1.

The fantasy that you have when you're creating an experience is that someone else is going to enjoy it.

I see this as a corollary to the Bungie design philosophy sometimes expressed in the past, that they make games they want to play. Surely it's hard to expect others to have fun playing something that it's own makers do not enjoy, but it's also important to recognize that not all gamers are as "hardcore" as those who spend their lives making them.

There seems to be a strong design emphasis in Destiny on making the game accessible, which will no doubt continue to cause some to allege Bungie is "dumbing down" the game to reach a "casual" audience, as has been said about the iterations of the Halo franchise over the years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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