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Eagle eyes at have found an interview with Bungie's resident audio genius at MacCentral. Not much in the way of new Halo info, but nevertheless an interesting read.


On the Bungie Sightings page. Freewill has announced a fanfest on Saturday, August 19, 4-9 PM at Club-i in San Francisco (the same place we had the fanfest for the last MWSF). Focus will be on Myth, although if people bring the proper equipment a Marathon LAN could be set up.

If you intend to come, please RSVP in the appropriate thread on the Bungie Sightings forum so Free can start a headcount. The club has a $7 per person cover charge, so start panhandling now!


Well, not just yet. But the beginning of the end has arrived. View the horrifying evidence in this thread at They're tearing each other apart like jackals, man! Jackals!


Matt Soell has confirmed on the forum that Bungie's creating a new division to do the movies for their games.

Essentially, Joseph and Marty will be heading up a new team devoted to making cutscenes, trailers and the like (both in-engine and CGI) for Bungie titles.

This is cool because they get to work on them year-round as opposed to doing it all in the two weeks before E3. I'm expecting an increase in quality AND quantity.


The Marathon's Story Page informs us that Robert Mclees and Lorraine Reyes have become engaged. For those who don't know, Rob first rose to fame as a Marathon artist and author of the Nar Chronicles; Lorraine originally worked in Bungie's now-defunct marketing department but has stayed on post-buyout in a development capacity.

Congratulations to you both. See, you nobly sacrifice yourself with a grenade to keep a dozen Covenant soldiers from chasing your buddy, and the girls just swoon....


Old skule Halo website junkies will remember Halam, one of the original half dozen sites to see serious work done on them. However, Mojo has decided to lay that site to rest for good, but has started something new in it's place:


Miss Pallor's editorial summing up the fan reaction to the Bungie purchase and the period of doubt about Halo's development that followed has a number of important points that I thought were worth responding to.


Miss Pallor has written an editorial at the corporation site about all the recent developments in the Bungieverse over the past few weeks, with a particular slant towards the fan reactions. It's well worth a read, although sure to incense a certain segment of the community.

Here's an excerpt: