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ASE Special: Destiny Alpha Gameplay

Cody Miller of HaloReachIsNotCanon.Net played the Destiny Alpha on PS4 last week and came on to talk about the footage with Blackstar and Narcogen. In this first segment we cover three areas of the game: character creation, a story mission, and the Tower.

Further segments later this week will show exploration, multiplayer, and a strike.



Vanguards aren't factions. Cody you idiot!

Yeah I wasn't sure I bought that explanation either, because I thought I knew what the confirmed factions were.

I still haven't seen a description of what they ARE that makes sense with all the places I've seen the word used in the Alpha, though.

If "vanguard" is a special NPC title for each class, then classes are functioning more like I thought factions would or should, and then the term "Vanguard Quartermaster" makes no sense to me at all.

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