White, Wireless Wonders

Littlebigman pointed out GameSpot's latest Rumor Control column, that sports purported images of the Xbox 360's controllers that seem consistent with the partials seen at ourcolony.net. (Mini-editorial: For all the ribbing Microsoft took for the original "Duke" Xbox controllers, I grew to like them, not for their bulk, but for their button layout. The diamond of the XYAB buttons follow the natural angle of your thumb while holding the controller, and are tightly spaced so that you can switch to different buttons quickly. The S-controller, originally developed for the Japanese market, is much more svelte and moves the white and black buttons around, which annoyed me. On the new controllers, they are apparently long gone. But the real problem was how widely spaced the XYAB diamond was, and its aligment-- at ninety degrees from your body, which meant that aligning your thumb so that it is equidistant fromthe buttons jabs your elbow into your rib cage. Not smart, with or without wires-- Ed.)