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Halo 5: Advent (String Orchest... cwhiterun 06.07.16
Halo 5: Blue Team (String Orch... cwhiterun 10.22.15
Halo 5: Light is Green (String... cwhiterun 10.20.15
Halo 5: The Trials (String Orc... cwhiterun 10.12.15
Roll Call - Price Paid pimpnmonk 06.02.14
Behold A Pale Horse For Concer... pimpnmonk 01.24.14
Farthest Outpost/Mercy Plea/Ea... pimpnmonk 12.30.13


CharlesAllenHarris created this image of Melissa, the AI called "The Operator" from the I Love Bees ARG that Microsoft created to promote Halo 2.
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Extremely small still frame from Bigwig's movie of getting a Warthog inside a Scarab. Don't complain about the quality; this was just made to have an illustration to go with the main item.
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After nearly five years, the party is finally over.

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A screenshot from HaloMods of the upcoming T&R Hangar multiplayer conversion by icanttype.

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Sid of Nightmare Armor corpse-humps Cananimator BentLlama during a visit to Bungie HQ.

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BOLL shows us how old this whole Halo-on-a-mobile-phone thing is by linking to the image he put on his phone back in March of 2003.

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Watercolor by DocOctavius.

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rapture took the Master Chief from Stuntmutt's One One Se7en and put him on his Sony Ericsson cell phone, inspiring us to make a similar image from Halo art with our Handspring Treo:

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With a slightly bigger screen than an average cellphone, you can view Halo pictures like this on the go. This was created using SplashPhoto, a Mac and Palm-based image gallery system.

With apps like Graphic Converter and Backdrop GC (not pictured) you can make a file like this into a Fireviewer-compatible .pdb file and use it as a background image on a Palm if it has Palm OS 3.5 or greater.

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Doctavius made this render of the Master Chief. He wrote:

Extracted model and textures from Halo PC, remapped and textured in gmax, rendered with YafRay, using Xzzy's exporter (from the gearbox editing forums)... ALL totally free and legal! (and not too hard to figure out- hence, I can do it!)

I'm working on rigging the model and getting other things (elite, grunt, warthog) properly unwrapped for some nice wallpapers and short video clips...

Hopefully soon it'll support reflections and stuff- right now bumpmaps and specular maps work just fine.

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Dark Helmet on top of Halo in a Warthog in PC Halo.