Let's Play Myth 2: Chimera Part 1, The Mage

Chimera was a total conversion for the Myth II engine made by community members. It turned out so well, it got included in distributions of the Myth Codex.

GelospingmangoMan has Myth walkthroughs, with and without commentary, for the campaign scenarios of Myth 1, Myth 2, and Chimera.

Myth: The Fallen Lords w/o commentary


Let's Play Pathways Into Darkness Chapter 1

DrTheoreticalDonuts on YouTube has done a Let's Play series on Bungie's first 3D first person shooter, Pathways Into Darkness. Find out how a simple human (?) can survive a fall from a crashing airplane, why there are dead German soldiers inside a lost pyramid in the Yucatan, and how to plan an alien musical instrument. Oh, yeah, and nuclear weapons, sleeping gods, and alien ambassadors. Marathon came before Halo, but before Marathon, came Pathways.

For the whole series, check out DrTheoreticalDonuts's playlist: