The 10th Warrior

Note by Recon54:

"by: Bryan "Brymen" Mendoza

A film homage to Marathon netplay, featuring the music of Underworld ("Cowgirl") coupled with rapidfire editing of net films, chapter screens and other artwork.

Remember, this is years before any Halo montages."

The title is in reference to the "security officer" protagonist of Bungie's Marathon series, who is the 10th and "missing" military cyborg.


My Music Video

This is going to be a blog where I'm going to post some music vids I have on youtube one you have already seen. This is where all of them will be so check them out let me know what you think.


Lethal Rage 3

Pico created this ten minute long film; it's about 36 Mb in size. So far it's gotten rave reviews over in the HBO forum,


The theme song from Mystery Science Theater 3000, set to video from Halo 1, by Patroclus.