Stubbs The Zombie Publisher Interview

There's a freely available streaming video interview with Tim of Wideload Games over at GameSpot. (Sorry no last name-- the screen size of the free streaming video is so small I can't accurately transcribe it, so I won't try.) He explains the basic gameplay mechanics, as seen elsewhere-- the unholy flatulence, the gut grenade, the brain-eating, and the hand-- and also the use of Stubbs' head as a kind of deadly gaseous bowling ball.

The interview says that the Xbox version should be out in time for Halloween with the PC and Mac versions to follow about a month afterwards.

UPDATE: GameSpot has also posted an updated Stubbs preview with information from a recent hands-on session. It mentions several new features, including a Halo-style two-player cooperative mode.

(I think the underlying concept of Stubbs is valid-- being the Flood is more fun than fighting them--Ed.)

UPDATE: Tim is actually from Aspyr, the publisher of Stubbs, and not from Wideload as stated above. Thanks to Matt I believe, who didn't login, or someone else who doesn't hold a grudge against Tim.



Tim is actually from Aspyr, but we don't hold it against him. :-)

That's nice to hear. I'll update the item.

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