Tombstone Falls Victim To Zero Day Glitches

Not an entire day has passed since the release of Tombstone, Certain Affinity's Halo 2 homage to the Halo 1 favorite Hang 'Em High, along with Desolation, their remake of Derelict, before the first cracks are being found.

GhostFaction at High Impact Halo has posted a vid by DominoEffect that shows a way out of the map, avoiding the invisible instant-kill barriers put there to stop people from doing so. The method doesn't look that practical, but it does show how effective it is trying to stop Halo players from going somewhere.

Perhaps a more serious problem is revealed by another vid, by Glow Burn, shows at least one spot on Tombstone where an invisible wall protects a player from gunfire and grenades, but allows him or her to retaliate. HIH has a thread especially for glitches found on the new maps.



They spent so much time trying to keep people out of the map that they forgot to actually finish it.