Wired: Stubbs Is Mindless Fun

Wired magazine has reviewed Wideload's Stubbs the Zombie; they liked the humor and the soundtrack, as well as finding the game fun to play:

It's quite like the world of Destroy All Humans, but this one is dirty enough to snag a Mature rating. (One scene sees Stubbs infiltrating the "Knobb Cheese Farm.") Running quips from public-address systems and the dying words of your hapless victims ("Now I'll never get into college!") keep the laughs coming at a constant clip.

The complaint of repetetiveness that has dogged Halo engine games since 2001 popped up yet again, the but review was otherwise positive.

UPDATE: The Marin Independent Journal also reviewed Stubbs as part of an article on Halloween games, giving the rebel without a pulse a rather cryptic rating of HHHHI.