Guns, Butter, And Zombies

Joseph Blancato at the WarCry Network has put up a review of Stubbs the Zombie called That's Not Eisenhower-Era Behavior. He found the game quite underappreciated, as well as its main character, Stubbs, whom he likened to a zombified James Dean (hence the title):

Rather than being a mindless beast, Stubbs, the main character, exhibits more charm and personality than most videogame protagonists have in the past decade. He's Mario, only undead. And with a fedora. He's silly, suave, debonair, and sarcastic, all without a spoken line. The soundtrack behind him, featuring old doo wop songs performed by modern bands, only makes him stronger as a character. If you don't fall in love with him when he starts breakdance fighting with Punchbowl's chief of police to "My Boyfriend's Back," you're as dead as Stubbs is.

Of course, coming right out and asking writer Matt Soell if there is more than meets the eye to Stubbs is like asking if the Beatles took drugs-- but it's nice that someone is looking more closely at this game.