Apr 25, 2005

The Muller's misson thread on the Story forum has raised some interesting speculation about the origin of the pyramid itself. Who built it? Is it a manifestation of the sleeping god's dream or was it built by the local natives? Vid Boi <sippan@macnytt.com> in a forum post offers this possibility: Re: Muller's Mission? Posted By: Vid Boi <sippan@macnytt.com> Date: 4/24/05 6:45 p.m. In Response To: Re: Muller's Mission? (Anger) : Right so they built the teleporters too? The pyramid also goes two miles : deep! The whole place reeks of alien conspiracy Maybe the underground parts were there, created by the Dreaming God, and then humans built a pyramid on top of that. The interesting thing about this theory is that all the levels above ground have wooden (man made) ladders. But once you are below ground the ladders are at first crystal, then vine, and finally they become teleporters.