MTV Meets Gamecock

MTV is into all the things the hip kids do these days, including play videogames. MTV did a video interview with Microsoft's Phil Spencer about Halo, and MTV News has a piece up on Gamecock, the outfit that will be publishing Wideload's next game.

Wideload's Alex Seropian related a story about trying to find a publisher for the company's first game, Stubbs the Zombie:

"The whole hook of that game is you're playing the zombie. We pitched a large publisher that game and their response was, 'Hey, this is pretty cool. You're onto something with this zombie thing. Zombies are really popular. We have an idea. You should make it so that instead of being a zombie you can be a dude trying to kill zombies.' We're like, 'Whoa, you missed the point.' "

They did. Totally.



I'm sure Alex has made that quote or a very similar one in an earlier interview 2005/2006, in regards to the sales pitch to publishers.

It sounded familiar.

What publisher was it? ;-)

Rampant for over se7en years.

I have no idea, but I can guarantee its been linked in either a or HBO news post.