'Chimp' Genuinely Fun And Funny

Several websites have picked up a review of Hail to the Chimp by Billy O'Keefe of the McClatchy-Tribune news service, including the Star-Telegram of Dallas, the Miami Herald of Florida, and Macon.com in Georgia.

Don't bother hitting all the links as all the reviews are the same text:

Fortunately, "Chimp's" glitches are sporadic, and they don't severely impede play if you're taking on friends. (Four-player support is available online and locally.) Moreover, the absolutely frantic nature of the mini-games lives up to "Chimp's" billing as a party game. Given the inviting price ($40) and the fact that traditional party games on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have ranged from terrible to non-existent, "Chimp's" positive fun-to-flaw differential makes it easy to recommend to anyone hungry for a game of its distinction.

O'Keefe does have complaints about Chimp's pathfinding and thinks a lot of the mini-games are too similar, but thinks that won't get in the way of those who are looking for a funny party-style game for the 360.