Weird And Proud Of It

The news isn't all bad for Crackers the chimp, though. 1Up's reviewer gave the game a B+, and the average of users and editors on the site is an A.

The site praised the game for the humorous news segments as well as the unabashedly strange gameplay elements.

And when this plays into the objectives, the game becomes great fun. One of my favorite modes places campaign posters in a literal mud-slinging competition -- the more clams you collect, the more mud you can throw at opponents' posters, and the last person to keep their poster clean wins. Every mode is built around competition, so the game is more replayable than something like Mario Party despite having fewer modes.

Hail to the Chimp is a good concept executed well, and available at a discount price-- remember this is $40, not the usual $60 next-gen minimum.