Week In Review

What a week. Beginning with Bungie's announcement of Halo early Wednesday morning, it's been one full of activity and revelations. To recap:

  • Halo was announced during the MWNY Keynote, and took the Expo by storm
  • Several versions of the Demo movie were released, as well as a soundtrack MP3
  • Game news sites all around the web are drooling over Halo
  • Marathon's Story is firing on all cylinders, fueled by the rampant speculation following the announcement
  • Forum activity here and around the Halo sites has jumped dramatically
  • More and more tidbits about Halo have leaked out through Bungie interviews and previews

In weeks and months to come, the biggest news is likely to be the official trailer from Bungie, new screenshots, and the possibility of a beta test further down the line. All in all, the near future is bright indeed... stay tuned. And to those of you who actually have over the past week, rest assured that you'll have your due shares of my soul as soon as I have no more use for it.