FAQ Online

Greetings, I am the second trapped soul in this creation... And I come bearing gifts!

With the hype now surrounding blam, a recent barrage of questions has hit us and the entire community. What is blam? and Who is Cortana? still evades the clueless, What is Halo? is a lesser known fact and other questions such as Who at Bungie works on blam? is a rare piece of trivia.

The answers to these questions and more (it slices, it dices!) are contained in our official FAQ, now online, which is currently a cornerstone of blam content at this site and hopefully around the net. The FAQ attempts to answer any questions you might have about blam & Halo, but also about this site and even contains the key(s) to spiritual enlightenment.

Stop on by, read it through, and while you're at it, submit to us questions you frequently ask yourself and we'll see what we can do to answer them.