Halo and Oni Preview

Kudos to Mark Levin (and others) who pointed out the new Oni and Halo preview at Games Domain. The dual preview is a fantastic one, going into great depth on both games. New facts are revealed in both, such at this interesting tidbit:

An alien horde known as the Covenant is ploughing a destructive path through one planet after another, and the human homeworld lies next in its path. In an attempt to save the billions on Sol, its leader sends a decoy force off to a remote corner of the galaxy. The decoy force draws the Covenant away successfully, but in its attempt to escape crash lands on a mysterious ring world orbiting a gas giant called Threshold.

Looks like Jonesworld has a name now... time to update the FAQ again. A definite must read for all of you Halo followers out there, as well as those of you looking forward to Oni as well.