MWNY Tidbit

Kudos to Freewill, who pointed out a potentially interesting news clip from MacNN:

Several hundred people gathered this morning at Jacob Javitz Center in Manhattan for the Town Meeting, the official kickoff of Macworld Expo New York '99. The Town Meeting differed quite a bit from the previously announced agenda, as several of the scheduled speakers failed to show. These included Mitch Mandich, Apple's Senior VP of Retail Sales, Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies, Greg Galanos of Metrowerks, Mark Gacini from Bungie software (formally chief Gaming Evangelist at Apple), as well as Andy Gore, Editor-in-chief of Macworld.

Hmm, I wonder what Mark Gacini was going to talk about? Actually, this is the first I've heard of Mark. Anyone else have a clue?

Good question (first I've heard of him too). What did we miss out through his absence? And more importantly, will that omission be made up for later?