State of Emergency Declared

In an announcement made earlier today, a unidentified source (not anonymous, just indecipherably named) dropped a bombshell announcement: Kap is getting his comet back.

In the ensuing pandemonium, at least two Admins have thrown themselves off their chairs in vain suicide attempts (though reports of insane laughter have raised the very real possibility of mass insanity), and no less than four Orders have issued statements declaring their concern over the matter. One unnamed order has been thrown into an absolute and utter state of panic, though at least one member has been quoted as saying huh?

The various media channels have already picked up on the story, and the populace has been thrown into a state of chaos. While government agencies have yet to issue a statement, a member of the governing body in downtown Chicago can be quoted as saying huh?

More on this catastrophic event as we filter through the disturbing reports coming in. Until then, we urge all people to remain calm until an all clear has been sounded. Thank you.