Blam and iMacs Revisited

After some discussion with various people about the possibility of Blam being used in a Sony commerical, a few interesting points came up.

First, why would Bungie have given Sony (or even Apple, for that matter) a unannounced game for use in a commercial that highlights a completely different product? Money, perhaps, but one must also consider that Bungie has had some bad experiences with stolen beta's in the past, and a studio is hardly the most secure environment in the world, especially for a game as confidential as Blam is turning out to be.

Second, the name reportedly seen--Blam! It's generally accepted that Blam! is most likely the code name for this project, and not the release name. While both Myth and Marathon retained their code names for production, Blam! doesn't seem to have the same Bungie feel to it. If Bungie had given Sony/Apple a copy of their game, one would think that they would give the final name, too. Unless, of course, Blam! is the final name...

Last, and most interesting, Blam! is the name of a game development company that (according to the corporate info page on their website) has done some Sega Saturn, Win95, and (you guessed it) Sony Playstation titles... things that make you go hmm, eh? ':)

We still have no solid proof yet, but something to think about anyway.