Halo the Most Anticipated Xbox Title at VE

Bungie Studios' title takes first place, 45% of vote

hspace=Battleground: Halo posted news of a new Xbox-related poll at VoodooExtreme, asking what was the most-anticipated game. It just closed after running from October 6 to October 9-- sorry for not letting everybody know sooner.

However, it didn't seem to matter. Halo ran away with top honors, getting 2,837 votes, 45% of the total and nearly three times the number of votes for the next nearest competitor, Dead or Alive 3. Unreal Championship (744) and Morrowind (602) round out the rest of the games scoring in double-digit percentages, with Munch's Odyssey, strangely enough, doing quite poorly with only 256 votes, or 4%, roughly the same as Tony Hawk, Jet Set Radio Future, WWF: Raw and Shrek.