Evihcra Will Host Halo Mods

Fm says PC/Mac Halo out shortly after Xbox version

Credit Louis Wu at bungie.org for noticing this item, although somehow it slipped by us all for more than a week.

hspace=Frigidman of The Mill fame has posted a notice back on October 2 that the Evihcra site will have a Halo archive for any mods that may be made for the PC/Mac version of Halo whenever it comes out. This marks a significant turnaround from the days when the Mill was (temporarily) shut down in protest over the sale of Bungie Software Products to Microsoft. He goes on to say that:

Many debate, many deny, and many just think it's an XBox only game and there was never any mention of a Mac or PC version. Well, we here at Evihcra believe that a Mac/PC version will show up shortly after the XBox release. We have our reasons.

Incidentally, Evihcra also has a poll running from now until October 19 on whether or not you think Halo should be released on the Mac and the PC, or if you'll just buy an Xbox to play it. Right now, with a little over a hundred votes in, yes dagnabbit is running away with 88% of the vote.