Halo 2 Trailer Script Revised

Ferrex, Jay Weinland, shibby, Kyle Burke, Louis Wu and others in the HBO forum all posted or submitted suggested changes to the Halo 2 Trailer script. The result looks a lot like the one Louis already posted at HBO. We're updating ours in the interest of accuracy. Changes are in italics.

The most significant of which are the addition of two other characters-- Pilot and Tech. These appear in the HBO version, courtesy of Electric Sheep. Some of the dialogue in our original version attributed to the Admiral and the General apparently came from other characters. These changes have now been made also.



Tech actually came from me. Cunbelin wrote 'Engineer?' which sounded much better than 'Pilot', or 'Marine', or 'General' - all of which had been used before his suggestion. I just thought 'Tech' sounded a little better. ;)

Jay made three changes, all in content, all here.

'Pilot' came from ElectricSheep's original transcription.

Hope this helps!