1st Anniversary Halo Update Finally Posted

Two screenshots, some backstory, and detail galore

In the Halo.bungie.org forum they've been anxiously awaiting the latest Halo Update that Matt emailed to Haloplayers on Friday-- and now they've reported it's finally online

There's a long anecdote at the start of the update, to appease those who wanted to see it go out with a bang (it's possible that this is the last update, with now less than six weeks before the Xbox-- and presumably Halo-- launch in North America-- but perhaps the interesting bit is this comment about the screenshots:

- Joseph Staten, having nothing better to do, took a couple of new screenshots for you guys. The best way to thank him is to pay close attention to the shots. When you know what you're looking for, you'll usually find it hidden in plain sight.

Visit Haloplayers to read the update and check out the screenshots to find out what the secret is...