E3 Video Speculation

Shortly after making the post on Friday (and feeling real good about myself), I realized that my uncanny gift for stating the utterly obvious had manifested. Yes, it says Blam! , and yes, I am the last person to have figured that out.

That humbling revelation off my shoulders, on to the interesting part. Apparently, the video was censored in postproduction (or censored prior to recording... whatever), and the words Blam! and Dink were placed on the two monitors. However, nobody is quite certain what the third monitor says--the letters are too small to make out.

Or, make out clearly that is. The Photoshop gurus are on the case, and attempting to clarify them... while this is likely another Bungie joke on the poor faithful, what else have we got to do? Check it out, see if you can read it yet: