OMG we hav no filmz

Soell reveals: no recordings, 2-player coop splitscreen only

Well, the closer Halo comes to being a reality, the more hopes and dreams are going up in little puffs of smoke.

After weeks and months of rampant speculation and frantic wishing for recordable game films in Halo-- the latest of which was this thread in the forum, Bungie's own Matt Soell has revealed on that forum that Halo will not have this feature. You can view the whole post if you like, but that's basically all it says-- Halo will not have this feature.

Matt also confirmed by email correspondence to Rampancy that Halo's cooperative mode is indeed restricted to two players-- and two players playing in splitscreen mode on the same machine. It's apparently not possible to play cooperatively with any more players, or even with two players on different xboxes connected by a network.

Deathmatch and other multiplayer modes can apparently be played by up to sixteen players in just about any combination of from one to four xboxes.

Thanks to Louis, who put this item on where we saw it.