PlanetXbox Posts Halo Developer Diary Part 4

Case confirms that cooperative mode is 2-player only

A neat little feature of the new site system we're testing-- no, it's not running the live site here yet, it's elsewhere-- let us know that had just posted an update, and here's what Louis spotted: the fourth part of PlanetXbox's Halo Developer diary by none other than the illustrious Jaime Griesemer (aka Flawless Cowboy aka Case).

And yes, I mention that every time just because I like excess verbiage.

At any rate, the diary seems to confirm that cooperative play is limited to two players only, but don't worry, because that way there's more fun to go around. Case goes on to say this about Halo's inherent drama:

The main thing that I think makes Halo unique, however, is that the gameplay is inherently dramatic. Carefully scripted music, constant chatter from friends and enemies, and the epic nature of the combat all work together to make each encounter feel like a carefully orchestrated action sequence. IТm not talking about canned cut-scenes that you can only watch but not interact with. The AI, the music, the encounters, the physics and the tactical combat combine to create an unlimited variety of dramatic situations. IТve seen someone nail a Banshee that was dive-bombing him, watch the flaming wreckage crash into the wall he was taking cover next to and then barely dive out from under it as it nearly fell on top of him. IТve seen a warthog drive out of a second story window, do a complete back flip and land right in the middle of a squad of Covenant just as one of them said УDoes anybody see him?Ф IТve seen an energy sword wielding Elite leap down off a ledge right behind two players and cut them down while they were distracted by other Covenant forces, then laugh over their corpses. These things donТt happen rarely in Halo, either, all those examples were from a single coop game.

Cinematic, indeed. Perhaps we'll have to add drama queen to the list of Jaime's aliases. Just kidding.