Suspicious E3 Video

As reported by Marathon's Story, Bungie has posted a behind the scenes E3 video which may contain a screenshot from a previously unannounced game. It's on my overnight download list, so I can't comment on most of it immediately, but has posted a frame from the movie that shows the screenshot in question.

It's very difficult to make about, but between the yellow color and the apparent shape of the image it calls to mind Marathon 2's startup screen. The person seated at the computer is (I think... hard to tell from that angle ;) Bungie codewarrior Chucky, and that's Jones down in the corner... both members of the blam team.

So, are we looking at something old, or something new? Are there any other clues in the shot? And what are those things on the iMac--Oni reference cards? All theories welcomed... let's get to the bottom of this.