Blam Shown at E3

Indeed, Ferrex did overwrite a news item I posted yesterday. Worry not, a beating has been scheduled for him. Here it is again...

As we already know, blam was not announced at E3. However, it was shown behind closed doors to certain parties. The E3 Coverage at MacNN (courtesy of MGL) sheds some light on who these parties are:

You may have heard of a code-name being mentioned around called blam!, being touted as Bungie's next secret project game. We did confirm that indeed there is an action title being developed with the code name of blam! Apparently, since the release of Myth: The Fallen Lords, Jason Jones has been working hard on this project and it is getting progressively closer to release. They wouldn't give any more info or tell us when they'll be announcing this action title, and no online press (i.e. us!) was allowed to preview this new game in development. [T. Covert]

Nothing that we didn't know already about blam is revealed, but it is the last sentence that got my attention. Trevor Covert mentions that no online press was allowed to see the game... This seems to imply that the printed press was given access to it.

Possibly, this is an indication that Bungie is gearing up to announce blam to the public. Generally, a company will show their product to the press before it is announced to give them a chance to compose articles. The reason, I believe, the online press wasn't permitted access is because they tend to post any information they have immediately and don't need time to prepare.

This is all speculation, of course, but the main point is that some press has been shown blam. And why, boys and girls, would Bungie show their game to the press? Why, to publicize it, of course.

Finally, did you notice the use of the term action title ? Does this point towards a shooter or some derivative thereof?