Stubbs Pursuing An Old-School Chicago Vendetta

Time Out Chicago has an article on the state of the videogame industry in the Windy City. It's mostly about the development of Stranglehold and the closure of EA Chicago, but Bungie and Wideload do rate a mention:

In fact, work on the Halo series, one of gaming's biggest success stories, kicked off in Chicago by a ragtag crew of twentysomethings known as Bungie. Microsoft acquired the group and moved it to Seattle, but cofounder Alex Seropian came back to Chicago to start Wideload.

"Chicagoans have a genuine personality that reflects itself in the character of our games," he says. "I think that gives our creative direction soul." Wideload's first game, Stubbs the Zombie, lets players control the title character's one-man war against the developers of a quaint retro-futuristic town after they disturb his grave.

Wideload is still working on Hail to the Chimp for release next year.