PlayMyth Shuts Down

Those of us steeped in Halo 3 and Bungie Breakaway news might be forgiven momentarily for forgetting that online communities for Bungie's Mac and PC RTS games, Myth, are still hanging in there a decade after the game was released.

Unfortunately one of them, PlayMyth, has now shut down. Server administrator Blades, apparently posting as elusivemind, says he no longer has the time or energy to keep up with it.

Those looking for their online Myth multiplayer fix can still visit Mariusnet, and if you need Myth related files, including updates to Myth 2, visit Project Magma.

Thanks Gholsbane at MBO.



There are quite a few people still who still [url=]playmyth[/URL] at [url=]mariusnet[/url]... more than there have been on playmyth in the months before it shut down. You can get the demo for free from and play with us... guests can log in to the server as well with a login and password of "guest".

Thanks for those details. I'd be saying that I'll be checking out mariusnet again soon (I think the last times I played Myth online were at PlayMyth) but... you know... uhh... Halo 3 and all... so I think it may be awhile. :)

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