Bungie, Halo Xbox Fact Update

Of course, in about the same span of time there was actually real, tangible, factual information to be had:

  • Volume 2 of the Halo 2 Soundtrack has been announced, and will be released on April 25th. Marty The Elder had this to say:
    For Halo 2 Volume Two I decided to use a 'suite' structure that also corresponds to the chapters within the game. In a sense by listening to this soundtrack you will hear the musical representation on the story of Halo 2.
  • Bungie also revealed its secret project-- no, not Halo 3 that secret project, but the upcoming Halo Graphic Novel, forthwith to be called HGN. For those who are fans of comics and of Halo, this is great news. A baker's dozen of comic book artists and a fellowship from Bungie will work on the book, and Marvel will publish, external underwear notwithstanding.
  • After battling with developers like EA over letting developers host their own XBL servers, Microsoft is backing down and opening up the system. This potentially opens up the way for different kinds of games on XBL.
  • Major Nelson is sending out the call for volunteer Xbox Live Ambassadors.