Candland: Bungie Is Not A One-Trick Pony

Video Gaming Refugees Blog Confessionals has a two part interview with Bungie's interface guru, Dave "Evil Otto" Candland. It covers a wide range of topics, but perhaps of most interest to fans now that Halo 3 is almost in our hands is-- what will Bungie do next?

Evil Otto: Well, who knows? I'd love to push out an Xbox Live arcade title just for a change of pace but that's really not up to me. Whatever the case, I just hope that 10 years from now I'm not working on Halo: the next generation part 5. People won't pay for a dead horse, especially one that continues to be beaten. Bungie isn't a one-trick pony. We've done RTS games that have received multiple game of the year awards, the Marathon series was extremely successful - it's still considered by many to be the greatest Mac game ever. Halo 3 may not necessarily be the last Halo related game Bungie ever makes, but we are certainly thinking hard about what our next "big thing" will be.

Thanks for the heads-up on the interview to Louis Wu at HBO.



Good interview with lots of interesting tid-bits.
I really like when non-media types ask questions since it seems closer to home for me.
Nice job!