A Load So Wide It Got Nominated

We may have neglected it to mention it before, but Wideload Games was nominated for the New Studio award at the Game Developer Choice Awards. The competition certainly seems stiff; ArenaNet is up for Guild Wars, DoubleFine Productions up for Psychonauts, and TellTale Games up for Bone: Out From Boneville. The last nominee in the category is New Crayon Games up for Bonnie's Bookstore. The last I believe are both children's titles; Bone I've heard of, Bonnie I haven't. Oh well; perhaps they'll meet up somewhere in a dark alley. And perhaps I've just blown this site's child-safe rating. If it had one. Which it didn't.

Late last week 1Up.com interviewed Wideload's Alex "The Man" Seropian about Wideload, Bungie, Halo, and how he got into gaming and game development.

Stubbs failed to get a nomination for writing, which is not only a shame, but just proves that while the real money might be in dick and fart jokes, award nominations are not.

The awards ceremony is being held Wednesday, March 22 at 6:30 PM in the San Jose Civic Auditorium in San Jose, California.



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