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Is Bungie working on Halo 3 or not?

Yes, but Microsoft wants it secret.
31% (632 votes)
Yes, but Bungie wants it secret.
56% (1158 votes)
No, they're working on something else.
13% (275 votes)
Total votes: 2065
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Halo 3 has been confirmed to be released on the day the PS3 comes out, whenever that is...

[quote=]Halo 3 has been confirmed to be released on the day the PS3 comes out, whenever that is...[/quote]

No, it's not.

Microsoft retracted that statement a long time ago, and Bungie has repeatedly said that they are not saying anything about what they are working on.

Nobody even knew when the PS3 was going to come out until earlier this week. Now it's supposedly November 2006. Even Gates couldn't have been more than guessing at that when he made his ill-considered announcement, so he couldn't have guaranteed Bungie would have the game done by then. They still can't.

Halo 1 and 2 each took about 3 years to do, more or less. To have a third game done by November of this year means chopping a year off that time.

Perhaps possible, but it may be a stretch to call it likely, and under no circumstances can it be called "confirmed".

the movie is to be released the day the ps3 comes out

[quote=]the movie is to be released the day the ps3 comes out[/quote]

You're combining rumor with retraction.

That the movie would be released in sync with the next Halo game is completely unsubstantiated rumor; purely speculative.

That the next Halo game would be released in sync with the PS3 was stated by Bill Gates last year, and then contradicted and retracted by Microsoft since then, and completely unconfirmed by Bungie, which up to now isn't even copping to working on a Halo game.

You seem to have created a weird hybrid version of those two things, and the combination manages to be even less informative, if more entertaining, than the previous two.

Halo 3 has been confirmed to be released on the day the PS3 comes out, whenever that is...

Of course, if Microsoft wanted it quiet, you'd assume Gates wouldn't have mentioned it. But maybe that's just me.

Rampant for over six years.

"I don't really care either way."

Which implies, IMO, that I'll be interested in *whatever* they produce in the foreseeable future.

But the "who cares" option always gets swarmed whenever it's available.

Either that, or "CowboyNeal".

In any case, it wasn't asking what you'd like or be interested in, just an opinion about what the situation is.

I could just put in an "I've no idea" option, but I suppose it isn't really kosher to tamper with the poll after voting has started... but I'll make sure there's a comparable option there for you next time, Mig :)

Rampant for over six years.

yes, because it's all about me. :)

[quote=Miguel Chavez]yes, because it's all about me. :)[/quote]

We know. :)

If any1 knows of a good story bout HALO they'd like 2 tell post your reply on this page. (make Subject name called "Home Snyper Story"

Reply soon!!

bungie was just having a vote on if they should put the arbiter in the next game.

The answer to that is only known by some people that work at bungie and... Maybe at E3 this year.

What a mistake it would have been if Nintendo didn't make Super Mario Bro. 3!

SMB3 was a lot of fun. I'm glad Nintendo made it.

(and didn't change the franchise's name)

From what i have heard from a magazine, there naming it Halo 360, im not sure if the change in name indicates a huge change in halo. Most likely they just want to 1: make it sound (and is) exclusive to the xbox 360 2: make a change in the boring old Halo names (halo 1,
halo 2 ... etc). I doubt the basics will be different from halo for the fact that it has been so successfull, but ( hopingly ) the "new" halo 360 will have updated graphics (as if it can get much better), more weapons, and a more informing storyline.

That is just real dumb "Halo 360"!?
Honestly I LOVE Halo and cannot get enough of it even after a year and a half of intense online action. But get real, Halo 360...The name makes me want to puke! I don't know what magazine you read, but avoid rumors believe nothing until it appears officially on, and you have read it yourself.

P.S. Halo 1 was not just Halo 1, It was Halo: Combat Evolved :)

Wait till E3 then we will now,
until then,

Fom my understanding there will be no halo 3 :(... but a halo 360!. From what I understand, the name change is the only differ from what halo 3 would be. Of course with the exeptions of slightly better graphics (how much better can it get?), glitch fixes, new weapons and a new storyline. These are normal changes to make a new FPS game in a sequil. Hopefully the game will bring a few new "tweaks" and "toys" into the game. Even without them the game will kill.

I heard there is going to be a Halo 3 but its going to be called "Forerunner" so really there not working on a Halo 3. Just passing the word along.

Remember the end of Halo 2, the MC says " sir, finishing this fight"

i dont see how they cannot make a new one, unless the movie covers the cliff hanger at the end of halo 2

They got development information out for it here and there, and I think I read at that it might be at E3, in what form, I don't know.

From what i have found out about the halo 3 is that there isnt a actual halo 3 but there is what is to be called halo: Forerunner of something on the lines of that

Halo 3 = Halo 3... Therefore is the original Halo!!!!
Woohoo, the Forerunner is like an idea for an Halo RTS, which no one have idea of how it will be...

I refer you all to this article, last paragraph:

Well, we all know now that they are working on it, so it makes this poll useless now...