On A Pale Horse

I've been fairly bored over the summer, so ive put together a roundup of my work on transcribing, and this time ive done more than just send u a bunch of PDF files. In addition to the PDFs, i've included the accual file (Printmusic! 2004 format) and a MIDI that people can listen to and get a general feel for the transcription, as well as for use on ringtones.

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Anyone who downloads this is free to comment on what you think of it, or if you find something that you think needs fixing, let me know here and I'll check it out as soon as I can.


I keep trying to get the song ''on a pale horse''and ''enough dead heroes'' but but it keeps saying ''page not found''.
How do I get those two songs for the piano?

If you can get these two songs, sent them to me at:WilliamFaucher@hotmail.com

Thanks for your cooperation.

A site upgrade we did earlier this week messed up the links to the files.

Try it again and it should work.


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Hey there. What programs do you need to view the sheet music. I can't view it even with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Tell me please.

Some of the files are MIDI music. QuickTime can play them. Some are PDFs-- if you have the latest Acrobat, you can open those.

The others are Printmusic files. You'll need that program to open them. As I don't have that program myself I can't help with those files.


Rampant for over five years.

Any MIDI program can open those files. I myself have Noteworthy which opens them fine.
Go to the Noteworthy site for a free demo: http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/

[quote=MarineSniper]Any MIDI program can open those files. I myself have Noteworthy which opens them fine.
Go to the Noteworthy site for a free demo: http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/[/quote]

Go to the site and download the files yourself.
Don't forget to sign up :)

Is it possibly to transcribe some of the music into Piano notes? And if it can, can someone post it?

I would really like the sheet music for On A Pale Horse
my e mail is andrewd39@hotmail.com


I'm BitMaP, and while I enjoyed these good renditions, I think I'll be doing a few of my own with a higher level or accuracy. I actually already have transcribed two scores - Remembrence, and Ghosts of Reach. I have two half-finished scores still being worked on - Halo Main Theme and On a Pale Horse. I transcribe the original scores and arrange them for concert band as well. I will be releasing these in the coming week, so keep watch on HBO. Cheers

Could u also send this one to aznwolf@gmail.com

After listening to "On A Pale Horse" numerous times, I belive that there is a flute in addition to the string instruments. I myself play the viola.

Could you please send this to kisshimagain@hotmail.com, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!! :)