Terminals For Halo 3

First I'll start with the background info on these. There are 7 terminals and all of them are located on The Ark, The Covenant, and Halo. To get the achievement for getting all the terminals you have to read through the message until the terminal says, [b] "FRAGMENT ENDS" [/b] except for two occations where it says [b] "[35:52:75:63:64] xx01-83-244.53" [/b] and the other is [b] "ALL RECORDS CEASE" [/b] The Achievement you get is "Marathon Man" and I think it gives you the security armor shoulder. The Security armor is actually just a remake of the armor the main character wears in an earlier Bungie game, "Marathon". I also here there is another terminal however I haven't bothered to look. Sorry. Anyways on to the terminals.

The first one is found on The Ark in the hallway before you reach the downed Pelican. In the hallway there is a side passage on the left. Go in there and you've got your first Terminal. 6 left.

The second one is found on The Ark after you have gotten a Scorpion. Once you have to leave your scorpion and go on foot in the building there is a bridge you need to activate for reinforcements. After you activate the bridge look behind you and walk forward. The Terminal will open and you'll be able to read it.

The third one is on The Ark after you have killed the sleeping grunts after you defeat the Scarab. This is a little hard to explain so if you need help send me (J Manizzy) a friend request and if you're on I'll invite you to a game to find it. after you kill the grunts you go down a series of hallways. Once the hallways end and you go down the last ramp jump down to the floor and look under the ramp. A door should be there leading you to the terminal room.

The fourth is on The Covenant. In the first tower you go into to deactivate the barrier, before you go up to fight the last brutes jump to the other side of the elevator. The terminal should be a little to the right.

The fifth is on The Covenant. After you get your hornet fly to the second tower that the elites deactivated. Run inside the tower as if you were running into the first one. Once you reach the door the terminal is behind you.

The sixth is on The Covenant. Similar to the fourth terminal. After you kill the drones that come down the elevator for the last time, jump across to the other side of the elevator. The terminal is a little to the left.

The last is on Halo. This one is also a little hard to explain but if you can't understand what I say just send J Manizzy a friend request saying you need the 7th terminal. Before you drop down to go fight your way up to through the flood just turn right and climb up the ice hill. Cortana should say, "Where are you going?" Follow the path and then go to the left when the path splits. The terminal is in front of you.

Yay! You just got another 40 points added to your gamerscore. Hope this helped.