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get to the top of hotel zanzibar

first you will need to be on co-op and you must have sputnik skull

okay start off by u getting on to the roof tops and making your way to where the pelican comes and gets johnson.
do 'not' jump to the floor, instead make your way to the right side of the broken bridge

now get your partener to come to you if he has not come allready and use him as a step to
get on the building with the slanted roof and make you way to hotel zanzibar using the step technique(if your partener cant get up get him to kill himself).

once your there look for a small niche between the hotel and another building from here walk down until you see the edge of the map you can now grenade jump to the top of the hotel



Actually you don't need to play in coop mode or have sputnik to go anywhere on top of Outskirts.

In the courtyard stay along the right hand side wall going in, past the door the hunters come through, until you reach a gap in the wall on the right hand side that leads into a short u-shaped corridor.

There's a high point there where you can grenade hop once and get up to the rooftop. You can bypass that entire encounter and go straight to the Pelican landing area. From there, you can hop up without the aid of a grenade and then approach the hotel from the rooftops from either side. To the right hand side is the rex room with the plasma sword.

Rampant for over se7en years.

yeah but supposedly on top of the hotel is a golden warthog

is that true?


No. Like the Yellow Banshee, the Golden Warthog is a myth. In truth, there's not much up there on top of the hotel. The interesting rooftop stuff is elsewhere on the level-- like the H2 IWHBYD skull spawn area, for instance, and the aforementioned rex room. There's also a sniper rifle up there.

Rampant for over se7en years.

here ive got a site with a video here is a link


Sorry, man. Old and fake. Read the comments. It was a joke, just like the Yellow Banshee. There were a million and one posts about how to get it-- which level it was on, how to find it. Just to make people waste their time.

Rampant for over se7en years.

yeah just seen it tried it completely fake

have you tried getting out of the elavator in regret
its basic just do co-op and have one person stand on top of the elavator

sorry i keep talking about H2 but i still aint got a 360 but my mates got H3