Bungie Brings Shame And Dishonor To America

The pistol-whipping delivered to Bungie in last week's Humpday Challenge came from the land of the rising sun, in the form of the GunShin clan. The match was arranged by Microsoft's Japanese office, who was apparently asked to find a "group of typical Japanese players". Bungie lost all three games. After a tentative 1-0 flag win on Headlong, GunShin capped off the victory with a 3-0 flag win on Coagulation in which Frankie admits Bungie never managed to get out of their own base and a stunning 100-35 Slayer win on Colossus where GunShin apparently deployed an odd variation of the plasma pistol - battle rifle combo, where the weapons were wielded by different players. (Now that's teamwork--Ed.)