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Outskirts Carneyhole 1

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ZexGX found this Carneyhole in the Old Mombassa area of Outskirts. It contains a skull, a pile of grenades, and a camera. Looks almost like a gravesite.



could be a trigger for the halo 2 "megg egg" !!... i dunno

But not a Megg. Look for something to do with those objects...


Rampant for over five years.

i know, maybe its a new megg egg thingy

hold x to pick up the skull
the word blind appears on your screen and your whole HUD dissapears( turn off xbox to get HUD back

that is the survival skull cuz there is no end to it

dudes seriously it's the blind skull. it is one of like fifteen skulls in the game. you hold x to pick it up and your HUD screen is gone and you can't even see your weapon any more.

i found another skull on 'Regret'. after getting off the first gondolo (after fighting the Hunters) enter the building and in the immediate chamber, look up, you'll see a ledge you can reach by using the stone block as a platform. this leads onto the balcony where the Plasma Guns are (the Grunts try to shoot you as your gondola approaches the building). use either the block on the balcony or the guns to jump up onto the next ledge and follow it round to the right hand side, you'll need to be sharp with judging the angles of ledges as you jump. eventually you come to the back of the bguilding where theres two cloaked Elites - they wont attack you but theres a skull by their feet which causes all enemies to become cloaked. this seemingly only lasts the rest of the level, but on Legendary its a bloody mission completing it. i only just managed it. and i heard from my cousins' mate that theres also one on 'Gravemind', which gives the Master Chief the ability to cloak, like the Arbiter. ive yet to find it myself though.

hey i found the gravemind skull its prety good and fun ive kick ass better than before with it but it only last like five secs you gota go on legendary pass the couple chambers then you will kill four Kig-yars (aka the jacklas) then it gets hard go to your left follow up the walk ramp kill the grunts on the turrets go straight following the ledge youll hit a wall look up then you gota figer a way up there wich is a bit** when your upo there just kill them grabe the skull there ya go and ! go to your right fall down off the ledge to the next floor there'll be a door go in it youll find a sword with a couple dead grunts i had no use for it because i know other secrets on getting the sword on that mission

at the begging of grave mind you can do this on easy kill all the grunts where you first landed have the drop ship land then take the truck to the bridge find a ghost go back up to the path way leading into the snipers spot go up the large step go to the side of the wall then do the fuel enjection on the side of the wall youll find your self riding the mountainsand getting to the temple but its under the water

sry its all on delta not gravmind delta mission

sry its all on delta not gravmind delta mission