Making The Next Xbox

1Up has a story that brings together a "panel of Xperts" as they put it to talk about what Microsoft needs to do in order to make the sequel to the Xbox a success. One of the Xperts is none other than Alexander "The Man" Seropian, cofounder of Bungie and founder of Wideload Games, scheduled to release a Halo engine game next year.

BDGamer pointed out the article and chose Seropian's quote about the Xbox's size as an example of the text, noting that for Japanese living rooms it posed quite a challenge. Myself, I find more interesting his quote about hardware system power:

If you make the assumption that all systems in the next cycle are in the same ballpark, then it's not too relevant. I mean, Xbox is a more powerful system than PS2, and even though it did well, Sony still whomped it. This cycle wasn't decided by the hardware--timing, marketing, and software did that.

Interesting that backwards compatibility was not addressed...