More Xbox 360 Spec Rumors

Gaming site has linked to scanned magazine pages including specs and photos of the Xbox 360 and supposed shots from Ghost Recon 3.

It looks to me to be a Swedish or Norwegian gaming magazine, although botros incorrectly guesses it to be German.

UPDATE: Apparently this is in fact the Danish magazine Game Reactor, which is getting a lot of attention for reporting the rumor that Halo 3 will be out in one year. Take that with heaps of salt, folks.



GR should be officially retired and should've been a year and a half ago in November when me and my team placed second at finals, a crowning achievement. An achievement that told me I wasted WAY too much time playing games. Anyway, strange Live setup in those pictures, I wish they would just leave it the same. Perfect Dark Zero will be the most awesome game of all time, ever, surpassing Halo and all its glory. But Halo must be removed form the top of the list at some point. Perfect Dark for my old N64 was easily the best game ever, and still would be if not for circumstances beyond my control. I do believe that the Starcraft they plan to release will suck, unlike the original PC versions, owing to the fact that this new one focuses you on a single player and is in third person (or that's at least what I've seen and read). The memory slots on the front of the thing.. strange. What about what appeared to be a HD on top of it a few days ago in the post Narc made with a few pictures? WAY too much storage, remember, all of us are still working on our 50,000 blocks from November of '01. Why not add 100,000 blocks if they were so horrified of limited storage, huh? Where are the controller ports? Is that black reciever thing the reciever for controller signals? I hope not because I don't feel like replacing the batteries in my damn controller once a month. I hope these pictures are not right.. What about that giant freaking logo/light.. nice job taking up space to disguise your ugly white box Microsoft. What's with the big misshapen lump on the top, is that another place to connect one, two, three auxiliary hard drives? The disk tray has an eject button, why? What's that big elongated white thing on the bottom, is that a button too? What about that little tiny white button underneath those memory slots? Too many freaking buttons, too much technology. Although, zooming in and reading the numbers, which are the only thing not written in Slavic look impressive for a console. 512 Mb ram, 3x IBM power pc 3.2 (3 processors?!), ATI 500 graphics card with 10mb memory (not bad), Polygon Capacity: 500 million per second.. looks like it'll be fast, and it reads JPG's too, so what, can I bring this in to present a project for my AP classes now?.. interesting. You all should've just added a new processor or something and graphics card. Sound was great, look was great, buttons were very simple and it was made to lay flat. Please don't take away from my gaming experience by confusing me with too many buttons, a crappy color scheme, a stand up console and way too much memory! (plus that odd Live setup that I'm trying to prepare myself for) Man, this better not be another Halo 2 or else I'm going to stick exclusively, 100% to my old N64 and its awesome games. ---Wanted9867---