Siege Of Madrigal As It Appears In Halo

Although the track "Siege of Madrigal" is actually from Bungie's earlier RTS game, Myth, it also appears in a hidden spot in the Halo level "Assault on the Control Room".

If you fly a Banshee to one of the ledges high above the pyramid structure at the end of that level, and stand on the far right hand side, you can hear this track play.

Spartan182 provided a separate transcription of this track as it appears in Halo. We have a separate page for this track as it appears in Myth, which is a photo of the score.

SIRBOE provided a WMA format recording of the song as it sounds at that portion of the level.

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I found this a on the Halo soundtrack. I comes after about a minute of silence after "Halo" ends.

Now to work on my variation!

absolutely beautiful

Does anyone on the frigging internet have the HALO REACH version of this that is found on the Grunt Dance Party (with DJ Brute).

Can you post a link to the song? I'll take a look at it.


where is the link???

i feel so foolish not being able to find it...

All the downloadable files require registration. It's free and the site does not send unsolicited mail or give email addresses to anyone.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

I can't find it either, and I registered so I could...

wow... this piece is beautiful!

A pistol in halo 2 sucks... yet, a MODDED pistol in halo 2 sucks even more! :P

A pistol in halo 2 sucks... yet, a MODDED pistol in halo 2 sucks even more! :P

this song appears in the first Halo game as an easter egg on the level "Assault on the Control Room." It takes some skill (or a rocket launcher), but if you kill one of the Elites on the natural rock bridge and steal one of the Banshees, you can find this egg. When you get into a banshee, fly towards the "pyramid" structure. Above it, there are 3 "U" shaped sructures. Fly to the second structure. Land the Banshee on it and get out. Walk along the right side towards the wall. When you stand still in this area, you will hear the music start to play.

check your pulse
you dead yet?

Thankyou so much!!!

man cant find any good sheet music for violin, i know the top line of the pian is the same as vioin but like for this piece it has the notes that you play on one hand at the same time and stuff so yeah