Leonidas, Third Movement Of Delta Halo Suite

Here is the usual transcription package: a PrintMusic file, a PDF, and a MIDI sound file, for the 2:28 long third movement of Delta Halo Suite from the second volume of the Halo 2 soundtrack, entitled Leonidas.

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Nice job. ;)

[url=http://spaces.msn.com/sirboe/]Twitchy, Adrenaline filled Chaos[/url]

I'm not gunna lie, that was pretty damn good.

Keep it up.

Thanks for all the complements!

For more sheet music, visit the Marty Army Music:


How do register at the marty rmy?

[url=http://www.bungie.net/Fanclub/fanclub1/Group/GroupHome.aspx]Click here to register for The Marty Army[/url]

Yeah, HOW!?

That was no doubt......Perfect!

Thanks but you can't play the beggining easy with overlapping. Anyway how do I upload sheet music.

That is good, but any1 got an idea for a 3rd song 4 my ensemble 2 play? I got On A Pale Horse and this.
Ut In Nuto, Trucido.


Awesome job, but how did you change the key signature and the time signature?

very good :D, but the .mid link thing doesnt work

Works fine here. I just downloaded and played it.

What problem are you having?

Rampant for over se7en years.

nice job man!

one thing, your missing some harmonies at around 35-38 in the right hand

other than that, dead on!

does anyone have a song sheet for a violin solo? My buds and I are gonna play at a talent show. if you could, much appreciated :-)

The Name of this Halo Melody is: To The Citadel : From Halo 3. The Covenant-Level.

Awesome !

Amazing job! You've impressed me greatly by the quality of your work!